soccer player dribbling ballWith school sports having started once again, sports injuries are back in season. The most common of all sports injuries is the ankle sprain. The immediate pain and swelling make sprained ankles debilitating as well as incredibly frustrating.

While the severity of an ankle sprain ranges from mild to intense, the injury can be classified as non-serious, as it’ll heal on its own after awhile. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be back on the playing field the next day. Without proper care, sprained ankles can sideline athletes for weeks. Occasionally, athletes’ adrenaline will initially power them through the pain and allow them to continue playing, but the adrenaline always wears off.

While there are certain preventative measures that you can take, sprained ankles happen to every athlete. Even professional athletes, with their cutting edge sports equipment and highly educated personal trainers, suffer ankle sprains all the time. Athletes will attempt to prevent ankle sprains by wearing high-topped shoes, stretching, and participating in yoga – with some athletes even doing ballet. Unfortunately, ankle sprains are just one of those inevitable injuries that every athlete will experience several times in their life.

This makes it important for you have a plan in place if you’re an athlete, or if your child’s an athlete. At American Family Care in Woodstock, GA, we diagnose and treat sports injuries, including sprained ankles 7 days a week. We perform medical evaluations to diagnose ankle sprains, and depending on the severity, we may even administer an X-ray. We can also provide patients with a splint to help stabilize the injury, and if necessary, we may even prescribe medication. For more information, call us at 770.200.1220.