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Everyone should travel internationally at some point. The experience cannot be replicated in any part of the United States. It’s infinitely rewarding for the mind to wrap itself around the exotic customs and landscapes specific to the part of the world it’s in. While visiting exotic places is healthy both emotionally and spiritually, it can be potentially deadly if you don’t properly prepare your body. The act of travelling itself is taxing enough for some people to render them sick. Seeing as there’s only a finite amount of air being shared inside the cabin of an airplane, people are considerably vulnerable on flights. People also get motion sickness from airplanes, in addition to cars and boats. Also for people travelling to destinations in high elevations, altitude sickness is a common affliction.

Most precarious, however, is the threat of contracting a foreign virus or disease upon arrival in a destination. While our immune system may be adequately equipped to fend off a number of domestic airborne illnesses, without proper immunizations, we’re susceptible to foreign illnesses and diseases. So in all your preparations for international travel, it’s important to make sure you’re up-to-date with your vaccinations and healthy enough for foreign travel. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends travel-bound people receive a number of vaccinations depending on their destination. However, the only required vaccination, as per international health regulations, is the Yellow Fever Vaccine, which is required before going to Sub-Saharan Africa and certain South American countries.

Many study abroad programs require their participants to receive a vaccination prior to participation. This is to ensure each student is healthy enough to combat foreign diseases. At American Family Care, we administer many vaccinations recommended for travel. We can also provide our patients with any additional travel medicine too. This includes antimalarials, antidiarrheals, motion sickness medication and altitude sickness medication.

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