Sports & Camp Physicals in Woodstock, GA

Sports are incredibly important factor in the the development of young children.  Participating in sports at a young age can improve key components of a child’s well-being, both physical and emotional development.

Being part of a team teaches children morals that will remain with them for the rest of their lives, much like the friendships they’ll inevitably make competing in sports.  Team sports create friendships, making the social benefits of sports immeasurable and teaches children life lessons like leadership and teamwork.

However, sports can be dangerous for children, especially if a child has an un-diagnosed health condition that requires medical attention.  At American Family Care, we can provide your children with a physical to make sure they’re all set to participate in sports.

Most sports programs require participants to receive a check-up prior to admittance into the program. We promise to provide your children with a quality physical to ensure they’re all ready to go for sports at American Family Care.  

In addition to sports programs requiring physicals, many children’s camps require them as well.  Visit us at 6440 Bells Ferry Rd for your child’s next participation physical exam!