Drug Testing in Woodstock, GA

Companies enforce drug testing policies primarily for two reasons: safety and productivity. A company’s safety hinges on each employee being healthy and sharp enough to operate any dangerous equipment or machinery. The risk of death increases for each member of the workplace if somebody operating this equipment is impaired in any way; it’s not just a hazard to their own safety, but to the safety of everyone.

Mind-altering substances, illegal and legal, alike, are proven to reduce a person’s efficiency. If an employee’s efficiency plummets because they’re under the influence while on the job, the whole company’s efficiency drops. Therefore, drug tests are an effective practice in sustaining maximum productivity from companies’ workers.

The two most common forms of drug testing are random drug tests and pre-employment drug scans. Random tests are conducted not totally for the sake of catching employees off-guard, but to establish a drug-free culture within the workplace. Meanwhile, pre-employment drug scans are enforced by certain companies during the hiring process. It ensures each potential hire is devoid of any drug habits.

At American Family Care, we perform a variety of drug testing services for the employers of Cherokee County, GA. Our team has extensive experience assisting some of Georgia’s top companies in a variety of occupational health services. Our drug tests are among our most common services we provide. Our tests include:

  • Pre-employment testing
  • DOT testing
  • Random testing
  • Corporate testing
  • Annual testing
  • Return to duty testing
  • Reasonable cause testing
  • Post-accident testing
  • Mobile/on-site testing

Visit us anytime during business hours to take advantage of our drug testing services. To speak with one of our medical professionals, call us at 770.200.1220. We look forward to making your business both safer and more productive!